1. Learning Modules– Brief, information-packed reasons that give you strategies you can use right away. These interactive courses can help you learn new skills and increase your business knowledge.

2. Coaching- Guidance from business experts who can help you apply what you know and what you’re learning to build and execute your plan of action. Experienced mentors and subject matter experts will provide practical guidance in both group sessions and personalized coaching specific to your situation.

3. Community- Online opportunity to share information with other business owners, build your network, support each other and engage in potential projects together. Connect with a community of learners who share your interests. Learn, share, grow your network with other like-minded entrepreneurs throughout your learning journey.

4. Incentives/Offers- Benefit from an exclusive marketplace of tools, solutions, products and services that can help move your business forward. Gain eligibility to apply for an exclusive pool of grants that you can use to boost your business growth.