Want your team to help you make MORE MONEY and be MORE EFFICIENT so you can have MORE TIME and MORE STRUCTURE?

Let the Team YOU hired!

No Time?

We know you're a visionary, go-getter. This service is completely done for you. Kick back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Too Busy?

Tell us your team training and efficiency wish list and we'll work with your lead team member(s) to implement your desires while you focus on the money.

Money Funny?

We know how impactful team training is, and we want all teams to be great. So take advantage of our new PYP plan (Pick Your Payment) plan. That's right...you tell us your terms.

The Only Immersive Learning Experience Your Team Will Ever Need to Give You the BEST Return on Your Time!

This is for you if...

It’s Simple… Only 3 Steps to Autopilot Your Team’s Transformation in 30 Days!

Step 1:

Step 1:

Pick one or all 6 of the Learning Experience(s) that you think will have the biggest team impact for your business. If you’re unsure, we’ll help.

We’ll create an exclusive 4-part experience in which your team will learn all the intricate details about your business in a unique, engaging way.

Each role within your business should have job specific training. If not, we’ll customize a training experience for each role so they’ll have the specific knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Once team members are settled and proficient at their job, it’s important to have training experiences that ensure their skillsets won’t become obsolete. It also shows your team that you care about their careers and their futures.

We believe that everyone is a leader in their own right and we believe businesses should cater to their team members accordingly. We’ll create a training experience that helps each team member learn how motivate and bring out the best in others while achieving a shared goal.

When your business involves a lot of technical skills but not many soft skills, you have a soft skills gap. Soft skills are what accompany the hard skills, and will help your business utilize its technical expertise to full advantage.

Learning is a never-ending process. To keep up with advancements in the world, you need to keep your team and yourself equipped with new and readily accessible skills and knowledge. Share your wishlist and we’ll customize your continuous learning experience. 

Step 2:

How would you like your training experiences delivered? Live virtual, online tutorials (accessible anytime), or in the metaverse? Or perhaps a combination of them all? The landscape of learning has changed and we don’t want you left behind. If you’re unsure about the whole metaverse thingy, no worries, we’ll help.

Step 3:

Click the button to schedule your FREE Dream Team Strategy Session. Meet with our Dream Team Specialist to answer any questions you have and to see if we’re a great fit. 

And the good news is…It’s all completely done for you!

What the Customers Say…

#1: Team Tranformation Template Bundle

Over 100 templates to help develop your team and your business and increase your bottom line.

#2: Free SOPs

Yep. You read it right. SOPs are on us.

#3: Lifetime Access to the Resource Room

Get access to our private, invitation only Resource Room with networking opportunities, unlimited business resources, and free access to our beta offerings from us and our partners.

Our guarantee is Love It or Leave It. We guarantee you'll be satisfied. If not we'll honor our 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Percent of Your Time Back!

Our expertise has extended to some of your favorite local household brands. 

In working with clients over the last 20 years, we’ve learned…

Businesses owners with well-trained teams and defined processes generate the most revenue.

One team member mistake could COST you tons of money.

Using a one-size-fits all training model can de-motivate your team.

Overcomplicating the training process for your team will cause your training to be ineffective.

Who We Are…

We are a team of advanced degreed professional educators, trainers, and advisors led by the esteemed expert and Founder of Focused Training Solutions, Dr. Tonya Robertson. Dr. Robertson and team have taken charge to ensure that small businesses understand how inefficient workplace training systems impact organizational profitability and team performance.  

We’re not just another training agency. Our wholistic approach to servicing your organization, your team, and you, are unparalled. We are relational and strategic in our approach to ensure the ongoing success of your business. 

Dr. Tonya Robertson has 20+ years of experience consulting and providing training and development strategies for corporate entities, public schools, colleges, nonprofits, and businesses. Hence, Dr. Robertson has a firm understanding of learning behaviors, technologies, and methodologies of best practices for training on all skill levels, in person and online.

Dr. Robertson’s favorite workplace quote by Phil Jackson is “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” She encourages every business to reflect on this quote and join forces with her and her team on their mission to help businesses thrive!

As Featured…

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Our training experts create customized virtual learning experiences in which information and skills are presented dynamically through lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. We recommend this format of training when projects require more one-on-one interaction that is highly complex.

  • Personalized Learning
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Independent Attention
  • Low Costs
  • Socialization
  • Perceived Value

Digital Resources

Access our store of valuable training resources to help guide you as you work to create an effective and engaging training and resources for your team. 

The Team Delegation Accelerator

This 90-day intensive, interactive, hybrid program is designed to help the overwhelmed business owner incorporate a structured team workplace environment and gain much deserved time freedom. 

In a community setting, participants will incorporate the Team Transformers Framework to create customized, robust delegation and training systems. 

Team Training Services

How can this service help me?

Our team training services offers two affordable package offerings that will help you: 

  • Eliminate the stress of finding time to train new team members.
  • Reassure you that your training is effective and is supported by research-backed training strategies.
  • Gain your time back so you can focus on other revenue-generating activities.
  • Reduce the risks of costly team mistakes. 

Who is this service for?

  • OVERWHELMED business owners who have no time to train their teams.
  • OVERWORKED business owners that need organized, duplicatable processes.
  • UNORGANIZED business owners that need help getting processes out of their head onto paper.  
  • FRUSTRATED business owners who need to figure out how to delegate effectively. 

When can I get started?

Click the link below to schedule a meeting with a member of our team. Depending on the service demand, we typcially can get your process started within 30 days. 

Where will this training take place?

Your assigned Training Success Coach will conduct a live, virtual training experience for your team or create an asynchronous training program. If you need a mix of in-person and virtual, just let us know.